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Our Mission

H.O.P.E.’s mission is to provide a tangible solution to the homeless crisis, whether brought on by poverty or natural disaster, facing our communities.


  “The only time anyone should be sleeping outside is when they are camping.”  

-Chris Collins, H.O.P.E. Founder/CEO

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Our Vision

H.O.P.E. began with the vision of housing the homeless throughout the nation by providing a community of homes varying in size from 100-1000+ sq. feet.* Included in this new community approach are opportunities for these residents to receive the help they may need to get back on their feet.

Many of these homeless individuals are our at-risk youth who are transitioning out of the award of the court systems, our prisoners being paroled from the Department of Corrections, and our U.S. Military Veterans who have put their lives on the line to defend America's freedoms.

Since inception H.O.P.E. has seen a growing need for housing due to the destruction of natural disasters. In the past few years many have been made homeless forced to resort to tent cities or living out of cars. With the help of our supporters, sponsors, grants, and government funding we want to fix this problem.

Together we can fix this problem!

Our Plan

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Our Plan

This starts with recycling. With the help of our partners, we collect scrap metal, much of which comes from natural disaster damage, that can be transformed into cold rolled steel. The roll is  then transformed again into steel framing that can be used in countless ways to construct homes and or businesses.

To finish the steel from frame to turn-key building, we rely on our network of partners and supporters to help us go from disaster to home.

Basic Home Cost

Our homes can range in size and design starting at approx. 100 sq. feet and up. Our construction costs for a turn key home are at $75 for structure only and $100 to include land.*

*These prices are estimates based off of prior projects in multiple US locations, please email us with your  specific needs and location for a quote.

New Home/Community Amenities**

· Screened porch

· Composting toilet

· Solar water production

· Solar roofing

· Storm shelter

· Building float-ability

· Community center

· Job training/resource center

· Agricultural programs

· Child care center

· Community Pool/Park

· Pet Park

**Not all amenities available in all locations. Subject to change based on area needs, available resources, and funding.


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther



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